Bulk Plant

Bulk Plant
Bulk Plant Operations

The Spencer Companies also serves many customers with bulk fuel sales. If your business has private fuel tanks, let us meet your petroleum needs. We have gasoline, on-road diesel fuel, off-road diesel fuel, and kerosene available for delivery from our bulk plant. We currently supply several businesses and public agencies on an individual-delivery or long-term basis.

If you need on site delivery, we can meet your needs. Our bulk plant has 24,000 gallons of storage capacity for on-road diesel (LSD), 24,000 gallons of storage capacity for off-road diesel (HSD), 20,000 gallons of storage for regular gasoline, 20,000 gallons of storage for premium gasoline, and 4,000 gallons of storage for clean burning K-1 kerosene. And with a 2,800 gallon capacity 5 compartment delivery truck, we can bring the product to you. If you have more storage capacity, we are capable of delivering transport loads in excess of 8,000 gallons.

We also offer oil and grease products, featuring Shell lubricants and Rotella oil. And if we don’t have what you are looking for in stock, we can usually get it within 48 hours. Call Bruce Waldon (bruce.waldon@spencercos.com) at (256) 535-2938 to see how we can meet your petroleum needs.

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