Spenco Fuel Service

The Spencer Companies operates Spenco Fuel Service, a member of the Commercial Fueling Network (CFN) in North Alabama and the Birmingham metro market. With over 25 Spencer locations, and over 1,500 Commercial Fueling Network (CFN) sites nationwide and approximately 40,000 affiliated sites., we are sure to have one close by to meet your commercial fueling needs. Spenco Fuel Service provides the control and accountability you are looking for while getting your drivers back on the road as quickly as possible.

The Fastest, Easiest, and Most Reliable Way To Control Fuel Costs!

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Credit. Control. Convenience.

Spenco has teamed up with Commercial Fueling Network (CFN) to offer fleets like yours fast and convenient access to fuel at over 1,500 stations across the nation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. CFN is leading the industry with proven fuel management technology. Statements are delivered in a thorough, easy to understand format. How can Spenco and CFN save you money and time? CFN allows drivers to fuel faster, avoid paperwork, and get back on the road ASAP. With separate fuel islands and stand alone facilities, CFN allows authorized purchases only*, recording them instantly and providing you with accurate, easy-to-read printouts of who, what, where, when and how much so you can get a grip on fuel management.

Because of the growing demand, CFN developed “CFN-NET.” CFN-NET is a system available inside convenience stores that utilizes the retail fuel pumps. Because of this, CFN members can add more sites faster, getting you, the customer, what you need where you need it!
* CFN-NET sites do not offer the complete controls of the CFN island terminal sites. CFN-NET sites can be locked out upon customer request.

Volume Discounts Too!
In addition to our competitive pricing, discounts are computed on each statement by the number of gallons purchased during that two week billing period. Volume discounts are granted upon prompt payment. Just, consider the savings on your next fuel bill:

Gallons Volume
250 – 999 1¢ per gallon
1000 – 1999 2¢ per gallon
2000+ 3¢ per gallon

One Card Does It All
The FleetWide fueling program brings you the most advanced controls and more than 40,000 sites including cardlocks for control, retail for convenience and truck stops for over the road. FleetWide will provide to you a fueling program tailored to your fleet’s requirements including an unrivaled diesel network, best in class security controls, 24/7 access to fueling locations and account management, along with a single detailed invoice for optimum fuel management.

Customize Your Fueling Requirements
FleetWide allows you to set profiles for your individual drivers, departments or your entire fleet. Setting up fueling times, gallonage limits and product controls gives you a handle on fuel consumption.

  • Personalized Profiles for your individual drivers, departments or your entire fleet
  • Per Day Transaction Limits
  • Gallon Limits Per Transactions
  • Time of Day and Day of Week Fueling Controls
  • Product Control at all cardlock locations
  • Floating Driver ID for one card convenience
  • Ability to create your own Custom Driver ID
  • E-Receipt for Added Security, Tracking and Email Verification of Fuel Purchases
  • Exception Reporting by Card and/or Account

FleetWide Fuel Management
With FleetWide you have 24/7 access anywhere via the Internet to your account information.

  • Update Your Personal Fueling Profile
  • Track Vital Card and Account Information
  • View Your Transactions and Authorizations
  • Validate and Invalidate Cards
  • Custom Reports of Fuel Usage
  • Download Fuel Transaction

When traveling out of the SPENCO AREA, Fleetwide cards are accepted at all CFN and Fuelman accepting sites as well as the following brands:CFN, Pilot, Flying J, Love’s, Petro, TA, Sinclair, Chevron, Texaco & Fuelman.

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Contact Amber Gamble ( at (256) 535-2916 for more information or:

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and fax it back to us at (256) 535-2910. (You’ll need Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader software to open the application.)

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